“22 Courses in Electric Bass These courses can be taken in Group, or 1-2 -1 formats. Group Courses are a weekly format based upon a 90 minute time slot. 1-2-1 tuition can be taken in 30 minute or 1 hour formats. All Group Courses are of 4 week duration unless otherwise stated. Lessons via Zoom are also available. Contact for further information: daveputson@btinternet.com”
1. Foundation Course (10 weeks) This is a Modular and accelerator learning schedule course. for the absolute beginning 'non' player. The course takes you from novice through to being able to understand the form / structure and techniques and to be able to play simple songs.”
2. Intermediate Course (10 weeks) Further Modular and accelerator learning schedule course. Builds on the Foundation Course and further develops techniques. Gives an in depth look at harmony and theory and provides focus in several areas of playing bringing them into a coherent final focused whole.”
3. Intermediate Course II (5 weeks) This course builds upon the Modular and accelerator learning method and further develops a deeper understanding of the harmony & theory. You will be applying and placing the additional information into the context of songs. This provides the skills to exploit advanced harmony and theory concepts while playing.”
4. Groove Class Live performance workshops. Playing with other instrumentalists in a live band to develop your skills relevant to your chosen instrument.”
5. Blues Bass An introduction to Blues and an explanation of the form and provision of standard Blues bass lines in a Modular context.”
6. Blues Bass II A development of Blues I to enable the player to exploit his / her acquired knowledge and begin to develop their own lines as a maturing artist.”
7. Finger Funk An introduction to Funk with an explanation of form and provision of standard Funk lines.”
8. Finger Funk II A development of Funk to enable you to play in a band context with confidence.”
9. Slap Bass for beginners The fundamentals of Slap Bass and how to get the most out of your Harmony and Theory knowledge, and how to apply it to Slap Bass.”