Welcome to Joocypeach.com.”
Here you will be able to read the ongoing story that nourishes and garners the music that is the Soul Jazz of Joocypeach.”
The delicate and driving grooves, stylish harmonies and melodies filled with finesse, elegance and the virtuousic endeavour of Joocypeach. ”
Joocypeach give you some superb playing that combines all of the subtlety of Dave Gilmour and the intellectual rigour of Bill Evans. You will be enveloped by a sophisticated and subtle deftness of technique combined with mellifluous lines and delightful melodic motifs. The style of confident players knowing never to overplay their hand slinking into the harmonic undergrowth to allow others to step into the light and returning with blisteringly tasteful solos constantly supported by a groove laden and drivingly understated bass, neat and tidy keys with simple and strong percussion constantly at play to prompt, cajole and endorse each of these original compositions.”
Each song from the Joocypeach collection gives a glimpse into the worlds of other styles. The lyrics may never be as opaque and sharp as Steely Dan's but the harmonies are from that same Jazz crossover school with the influence of the searching minds of The Beatles giving an unrelenting search for tasteful motifs to tickle your eardrums and send you forward to be caught out by the subtle change of nuance and harmony not always to be immediately detected.”
It's time to treat yourself to these special mellow grooves with their distinctive heartbeat. Check out the CD's and read about the forthcoming projects and become a part of the Joocypeach experience. Joocypeach music is a must for any music library.”